Top 10: Easter Baskets for the Little Bunnies

You know the drill: the first year of your first child, you have to celebrate ALL the firsts.  First St. Patrick’s Day, first Valentine’s day…and so on and so on.  So here we are approaching our son’s first Easter.  I wanted to get a really special basket personalized with his name on it and everything, but with two weeks until Easter and $40 needed to do that, I opted instead to head to Meijer!  $10 later I have this cutie:

Maybe next year, I’ll get a special one with his name on it…we’ll see (smile).  Now….what to put in a basket for an almost 8 month old??  I am not doing the Easter candy thing for him just like I refused to go trick or treating for candy with him.  Everyone knows who the candy is for….really.

So here is my brainstorming list of Easter basket things for a little bunny.  And hey, why not make is a 5 Sense Easter Basket?!?!making easter baskets for babies

Top 10 Easter basket ideas for babies:

  1. Bubbles.  What child doesn’t like bubbles?  Even babies like to watch them and feel them pop on their skin.  I got myself all set up the other day on the deck to play bubbles with baby boy, but then he took a nose dive onto the deck, so that kinda squashed our bubble dreams…for the moment.
  2. Musical Eggs.  Buy some cheap plastic eggs, throw some beans or rice inside, use cute colored electrical tape, and you have an easy peasy rattle!
  3. Family Pictures.  As babies get older they LOVE looking at pictures of family members (maybe even pictures of family members with some bunny ears on their heads??).
  4. Grass.  My baby boy enjoys playing with Easter Grass…who knew?  Even the basket filler can be put to good use! (be watchful though!)
  5. Razberry Teether.  Oh man…my little guy has two teeth poking through up top, and we love our teether!  Matter in fact, maybe put JUST teethers in the basket!
  6. Furry Chicks.  Remember the little yellow furry chicks that peep when you hold them?  Do they still make those?  It’s a hearing and feeling 5 sense toy!
  7. Balls.  My son loves the big squishy balls with the little pokey things shooting off of them, AND they come in cute bright Easter colors!
  8. Ribbon.  Another one along the lines of Easter grass…very fun to touch and feel! (have to be careful and watchful though!)
  9. Board books.  I have found that I can only read my son board books now because he is all about grabbing whatever I am holding.  Board books are OK for him to munch on!  Oh, and make it an Easter book of course.
  10. Bunny Ears.  What cuter thing could there be than a baby with bunny ears on?  Take a picture with them on next to their first Easter basket – cutie patootie.

Whew!  I’m all motivated to fill that basket now…how about you?  And the plus side is that there is no leftover candy to tempt me with, but Mom, if you are reading this, you can still buy me Reese’s Eggs (please?).  And if you are still motivated, maybe head out and make an Easter Sensory Bin!

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