Easter Grass Isn’t Just for Baskets

Babies are crazy absorbent sponges.  We marvel every day in what our little guy is learning.  And it’s all through fun play right now…how much better does it get?  I have been trying to appeal to his 5 senses, because, well, that’s mostly what babies have going for them!  They learn everything through one of their 5 senses, so the better they are at using them, the more they can learn.  We have played with pudding bags, sensory bottles and even Christmas lights.

Today, it’s Easter grass!  Personally, I hate the stuff because it gets everywhere, but baby boy seemed to like it!playing with easter grass

Sensory Play with Easter Grass

Not much “instructing” that I have to do with this one!  Just sit baby up and plop some Easter grass in their lap!  I was worried that he would try to put it in his mouth, but when he tried to get it up there, it tickeled his face first so he pulled it away.  (I was still watchful though).

We also tried the same thing with some sparkly ribbon, but I think he was on sensory overload and wasn’t too interested at that moment…maybe later (smile).

So, how easy is that…stuff that you already have in the house entertains a baby…that’s what I call a good find!

What simple stuff does your baby like to play with?  Care to share?

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