Welcome Home Baby: My Epidural Birth (#1)

Welcome back!  I am spending this week on my blog writing posts for the Welcome Home Baby! series.  Here is the run down of the posts that you will be seeing in my corner of the bloggy world this week:

  1. Series Index
  2. Packing for the Hospital
  3. My Epidural Story (#1)
  4. My Epidural Story (#2)
  5. Hospital Stay
  6. First Two Days Home

Today I had every intention of writing one of my Versus Series posts comparing Epidurals VS. Non-Medicated births.  Once I got researching though I felt that there was a lot of information that I wasn’t sure of myself.  I didn’t want to give our wrong facts, or not do the topic justice.  Make sense?

Pretty much everyone knows the big pros and cons of using an epidural.  With it, the pain is less, but there will be other interventions necessary (IV’s etc.). Without it, there is less chance of interventions, but there is more pain.  So instead of trying to go over the many, many pros and cons, I thought I would share my epidural story with you.  I will keep it short and to the point, if possible (smile).

To tell the full story of my epidural I need to start way at the beginning, so be patient, and keep reading!!

My Epidural Story part #1

December 3rd, 2010:

7:00pm: Period is late, and pregnancy test says pregnant!  The hubby and I are so excited, and I am shaking!

December 4th, 2010: (YES, that night)

12:30am: I wake up with pains in my side that won’t go away and are getting worse.  We end up in the ER and after a very long day it is determined that YES I am pregnant, BUT I also have a large kidney stone.  (maybe for a later post?)  I have to have a stent put in that will go from my bladder to my kidney to drain urine because the stone is too large to pass, is blocking the flow, and they can’t blast it because of the baby.  I will have to have the stent replaced a total of 6 times throughout the pregnancy.

May 2011:

I have had 3 stent replacements where I am given a light sedation through an IV.  So far so good!  Procedures are fast and I am getting used to them!  But this time we go in and they determine that because the baby is getting bigger and squishing my lungs the light sedation is unsafe because it requires me to breathe on my own.  Doctors are worried that because of my belly I would not be able to breathe as well on my own, therefore not getting enough oxygen during the surgery.  A full sedation with a breathing tube is out of the question for a pregnant lady.  SO, they decide to give me a spinal to do the procedure.  It’s like an epidural, but I cannot feel or move my body from the chest down at all.  OK, yuck, but I get through it.

kidney stent during pregnancy

July 2011:

I am on my last stent replacement!!!  I have had 3 with light sedation, and 2 with a spinal.  The 2 spinals were tough on me though because when they put the needle in I feet very faint (there isn’t any pain, but I still don’t like the idea).  BUT I should tell you that my whole life I have had fainting issues when it comes to medical stuff…so this is no surprise.  This time, though I do faint during the spinal.  All goes OK though except that I am mad at myself for passing out.  Grrr.  And now I am very worried about getting an epidural for delivery (which is what my plan was all along).  I’m afraid that I will faint, they won’t be able to give me the epidural, and I will have to push my son out with out medication.  Scary.

epidural during delivery

~To be continued~  Gotcha! Come back tomorrow and read how the epidural went during delivery


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