Fave Fruits for a 1 Year Old

Baby boy is just a few days shy of 14 months old and I am loving this age!  He isn’t walking yet (which I am TOTALLY OK with!), but he is learning new things every moment it seems.

As far as eating, he packs it away like he has been eating for 30 years.  Occasionally it seems like he eats more than us!  I am assuming the only logical explanation for this is that his legs are hollow.  Makes sense.

We have been slowly teaching him how to eat off of a plate that is set on his tray, as opposed to dumping all his food on his tray.  I kinda felt like I was feeding a barnyard animal when I did that…ha!  Baby boy’s meals usually consist of a veggie, grain, fruit and occasionally dairy (other than the milk in his sippy).  He will carefully eat the grain (especially if it is bread!), and fruit first and then slowly get around to the veggie.  It does get eaten, so I am not complaining!

The first thing he goes for with those pudgy little fingers is the FRUIT!  I think that is a pretty common thing with little ones seeing that is oh so sweet and juicy.  Who can pass it up!  Now that he is 1 year old, our DR told us pretty much all foods are good to go (except eggs, honey, and peanut butter), so we have been trying all kinds of new foods, especially fruits!  Here are some of baby boy’s fave fruits! Also, you can read about his favorite veggies!

Favorite Fruits for a 1 Year Old

fruits for a one year old

  1. Blueberries.  I usually give him the tiny ones whole, but I can’t help myself but chop up the bigger ones in 2.
  2. Strawberries.  In one of his favorite books, there is a picture of strawberries…he LOVES pointing to it.  Maybe he thinks it is a menu??
  3. Banana.  Oh my goodness.  My husband and I can’t eat a banana with him seeing without him going nuts for it.  He will pack away a whole banana in that little tummy.
  4. Mango.  I still haven’t mastered buying a fresh mango and cutting it, so I opt for steaming the frozen mango.  Works great!
  5. Kiwi.  This is a new favorite.  TMI: He does NOT digest the seeds…ahem.
  6. Melon.  So juicy and perfect for mushy finger foods.
  7. Plouts.  Have you heard of these?  They are small and a perfect portion size for a little one.  Are they a mix of a plum and an, um, out??
  8. Grapes.  They are a new favorite, but are tedious for Mommy to cut up!

What are your little one’s favorite fruit?

photo via theseanster93

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