Fave Veggies for a One Year Old

Recently I wrote about baby boy’s favorite fruits at 1 year old.  Like I said he is a BIG fan of his fruits!  When we set the plate down on his tray we always guess to see what he will go for first.  He takes a second, peruses the choices, and more often than not he grabs the fruit or the bread first.

Once his first choice food is done he will pick at the veggie, grain, or meat but usually needs a little encouragement to eat them.  If we give him a few bites from a fork then he will often dig in after that.  But obviously veggies are probably his least favorite…can’t blame him right?

He’s been going through a few colds lately…yuck (see my letter to germs about that…), and he is even less apt to pick up those veggies.  I have been trying to pack a lot of his favorites on his plate so I can feel rest assured he is at least getting some.  And I load him up on our veggie pancakes or veggie muffins!

vegetables for a one year old

Favorite Veggies for a 1 Year Old

  1. Peas.  These are probably his most favorite AND mine because they take little prep time and there is no chopping or cutting!
  2. Pumpkin.  This is a new discovery, as we were out of all leftovers and I mixed up some couscous and pumpkin.  Who would have known he would like it!
  3. Squash.  I haven’t narrowed down his favorite squash but I’m thinking it is either butternut or acorn.
  4. Green beans.  He used to HATE these pureed, but now he loves them…works for me!
  5. Sweet potato.  I think this is a given with all kids.
  6. Tomatoes.  Mixed with some noodles and sauteed green peppers…yum.  A new thing for lunches have been chopped cherry tomatoes…a no cook alternative!
  7. Asparagus.  He has had this a couple of times, but I need to do it again because he really enjoyed it.
  8. Carrots.  If carrots are on the plate he will often pick up those before the fruit…woah!

What are some of your little one’s favorite veggies?

Photo by Martin Cathrae

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