Favorite Books for a One Year Old

My kid’s a bookworm and I love it.  He sits so calmly, holding his book in two hands and makes us think that he really is reading it.  How awesome is that?

I love, love, love children’s book, and reading a book to my Kindergarten kids (in my past life I was a teacher), was one of my favorite times of the day.  It was always so quiet and the kids enjoyed soaking every bit of the book in.  I often contemplate writing a children’s book, but then I realize I don’t know one thing about that…so I’ll just read them for now.

Because baby boy is a book geek, and a destructive force at the same time, we stick to board books for now.  He whispered to me yesterday (sarcasm..he’s 1) that he wanted to share his favorite books with Mommy’s bloggy friends…so here we go!

best books for 1 year olds

Fave books for a 1 year old

  • “That’s Not My Lion” by Fiona Watt.  The binding on this one broke because it gets so much love.

  • “Ten Little Dinosaurs” by Pattie Schnetzler.  Those googly eyes had me at hello.  Baby boy actually giggles when given this book because he knows what fun awaits him.

  • “Christmas Peekaboo” by Dawn Sirett.  My son is a bit off with his holiday’s, but this book has fun flaps to flip so it transcends all holidays!

  • “In My Pond” by S. Gillingham & L. Siminovich.  There is a mini goldfish puppet in the middle that is fun to grab as you read.  Interactive reading (smile)!

  • “How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies?” by J. Yolen & M. Teague.  This was baby boy’s first favorite book.  He would actually sit and listen to it…now he is a big part of turning the pages (and looking at the back, front, pages, and front again).

  • “Tails” by Matthew Van Fleet.  This book has lots of stuff to touch and even smell!  Baby boy did rip the foxes tails off though…poor foxes.  He still loves it though!

  • “Petting Farm” by Beth Bryan.  Who can resist those soft duck feathers?  Baby boy loves to touch and feel the animal fur.  

There you have it!  Baby boy’s favorite books…such an eclectic mix don’t you agree? (ha)

What are some of your favorite children’s book?

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3 comments to Favorite Books for a One Year Old

  • My baby likes The Very Hungry Caterpillar and her Jesus Storybook Bible. I love LOVE reading to her, as I have very fond memories of reading with my own mother as a child. Thanks for sharing your picks, Sarah.

  • Oh, I have so many favorites. Here are a few:

    Mouse Paint
    Mouse Count
    Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom
    Chicka, Chicka 123
    Is Your Mama a Llama?
    Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
    The Very Busy Spider
    Freight Train
    Fish Eyes
    A Million chameleons
    One Naked Baby

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