Finger Food Ideas

With baby boy turning 1 very very soon (yes, I’m emotional), we are knee deep in finger foods!  I have slowly been making the switch from all spoon feeding to mostly finger foods.  I still do spoon feed him usually during dinner time when I mix up a meal, or when serving oatmeal, yogurt, prunes, etc. but for the other meals I try to give him at least one finger food.  This is really a win win situation because:

  1. It gives me time to eat!!!  With  baby boy busily scooping up all the mangoes that are strategically s p r e a d   o u t  on his tray, I am free to randomly spoon feed him another food item AND eat my own food.
  2. Keeps him busy in restaurants…I feel another post coming on about tips when taking a one year old to a restaurant….
  3. Helps his pincer grasp.  Being a teacher is cruel sometimes because you know what they need to accomplish by the time Kindergarten comes around, and you start freaking out about it WAY to early.

A couple weeks ago I listed some tips when introducing your baby to finger foods and this week I am going to share some of our favorite finger foods, and some that I am excited to try!  AND read all the way to the end for a fun announcement! 

Favorite Finger Foods for Babies

  1. Diced fruits.  Any fruit that is diced into small pieces is great for babies.  If it is too slippery, coat it with some cheerio dust or the boxed baby cereals (like barley or oatmeal).
  2. Diced veggies.  Just like fruit, veggies are wonderful finger foods.  They are not as slippery, so are much easier for little fingers to grab.
  3. Muffins.  I just made a muffin recipe for my little guy as a breakfast option.  I found the recipe here.  I crumbled up the muffin into pieces that were easy for him to pick up.
  4. Cheese.  Yum…cheese.  I have found the block cheese is best to use because you can cut it into tiny mini cubes.  Where if you use the sliced sandwich cheese, the flat pieces tend to stick to the high chair tray.
  5. Rice “meat” balls.  I have not tried this yet, but this recipe for rice balls looks like easy peasy finger foods.
  6. Toast.  Toast up some bread, spread with a little blueberry puree, broken into small bits…yummy yums!
  7. Pasta.  Elbow pasta makes easy small pieces that baby can pick up.  Just make sure they are cut up small enough so they are not a chocking hazard.
  8. Peas.  Pre-squished by Mom makes peas easy to pick up and swallow!
  9. Cheerios.  Oh yes, the standby!
  10. Broccoli.  Cutting the stems off, and leaving the floret part of the brocolli gives baby something to grab onto.

    finger food recipes

    The face of a finger food baby

What have you found to work great as first finger foods?

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  Come back tomorrow because I am co-hosting a link up party with Raising Bean.  You can link up any post about something you did with, or for, your children!  Fun stuff!!

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