Glowing Balloon Bath

Glow sticks, glow balls, glow balloons, oh my!  I have been seeing light up bath time posts plastered all over Pinterest now.  In cyber lingo – it’s “trending”!  My glow light post was even featured on Growing a Jeweled Rose (the mecca for bath time activities)!

P-buddy has had his share of light up bath times with his favorite glow lights.  He has finally learned how to push the button to change the colors so that I don’t have to hear the litany of colors that he wants to see next (smile).

Lately his obsessed (and when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED) with pouring and dumping (remember the corn pit?) the water in the bath.  So, when I can I try to sneak something new in to his bath to change it up a bit.  Sometimes it’s probably more for my interest level! ha!

Glowing Balloon Bath

This time we stuck some mini LED lights in some blown up balloons and threw them in the bath.  P-buddy enjoyed chasing the balloons around as they were sometimes tricky to grab.

Glowing balloon bath

Glowing balloon bath

Glowing balloon bath

The best lights for this activity are either the 10 pack of submersible LED lights or some glow sticks. Click picture below for a link.  Right now this also seems to be a popular activity to put in eggs for a glow in the dark egg hunt!

Do you have any fun glowing  bath time activities?

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