Yoyo over Yogurt

We love us some yogurt around these parts!  Yogurt was one of baby boy’s first new foods after the basic fruits and veggies were introduced.  I waited until around 8 months or so to introduce it because it has dairy in it, and I wasn’t sure about an allergic reaction.  Baby boy had some spit up issues so we took a break from the yogurt for a bit (I really don’t think the spit up was from the yogurt though), but we are back in the yogurt game now at 15 months (and have been since a year)!

I was using the baby yogurt because it was made from whole milk, but after looking at the sugar content and reading this post, I decided to back off from the “baby” yogurt and introduce plain Greek yogurt instead.   A lot less sugar and a whole lot more protein!

I was concerned that baby boy would not like the bitter taste of the Greek yogurt, but I was pleasantly surprised! I probably shouldn’t be seeing that he eats couscous for breakfast for goodness sake!

Even though baby boy seems to like pretty much everything that is put in front of him, I have been enjoying making his Greek yogurt a bit tastier with some yummy add ins.

greek yogurt mix ins

Greek Yogurt Mix Ins

  • applesauce & cinnamon
  • dry ground up oatmeal & steamed apples with cinnamon
  • pineapple chunks
  • microwaved strawberries (brings out the sweet juices)
  • wheat germ & cinnamon
  • vanilla extract and ground up granola
  • hot chocolate powder (yum!)
  • grapes
  • pumpkin puree & pumpkin pie spice
  • sugar free fruit spread (apricot or strawberry)
  • warmed blueberries
Greek yogurt has become a staple around our house, especially for breakfast!

What things to you like to mix in to your Greek yogurt?

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