Green Beans

Holy Moly!  This weekend has been crazy crazy busy!  My husband and I were both in my brother-in-law’s wedding on Saturday and then our baby boy was baptised on Sunday.  I have determined that preparing for any event takes twice as long with a little guy around than before.  We made it though and both celebrations were a success!  The wedding may have been too successful on the party bus (if you know what I mean…)!

Back to my baby and back to the blog!  The last new food we tried was peaches.  He liked them but also got a stuffy nose, so I held back on them just to make sure there are no allergies (AND they aren’t in the stores right now…boo).  On to the next food: green beans! 

Homemade Baby Food : Green Beans

I actually tried Green Beans back when the little guy was about 6.5 months.  Just like with peas, the puree came out chunky.  I tried to push the puree through a strainer to get the chunks out but all that came out was liquid…so I scrapped it and decided to wait a bit.  Now that he is older (almost 8 months when I introduced them) he can handle a thicker puree.  So here is our 2nd try!

  1. Buy green beans.  I bought a bag of frozen beans (almost as good as fresh! – see my baby food tips) to use for the puree…worked out well!frozen green beans for baby food
  2. Defrost the beans.  To defrost the beans I put them in the steaming basket and ran them under cold water until they were thawed enough to be steamed.defrosting green beans for baby food
  3. Steam them.  I use the Beaba Babycook to steam my veggies and fruit.  The instruction manual tells you how much water you need to put into the unit depending on what food you are steaming…it’s a no brainer!
  4. Puree the beans.  To puree the green beans liquid needs to be added.  I chose to use the steaming liquid that was left over under the steaming basket.  If you would like it thinner you can always add fresh breast milk (remember my safety tips?  No frozen milk if you are going to be freezing the puree!)
  5. Freeze the puree.  Spoon drops of the puree into a frozen food ice cube tray (each cube equals about .5 oz).  Freeze overnight and put into a labeled freezer bag!

The first time I gave my son the thicker green beans he gagged a few times because it was lumpier texture than what he is used to.  I have found that mixing it with a smoother puree like sweet potatoes or squash helps him get used to the new texture, and he loves it!

Next up: Bananas!

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3 comments to Green Beans

  • My daughter just turned 9 mo. on Friday and I too make my own baby food. Thanks for the practical how-tos. And go you for rocking out such a crazy busy weekend! Happy baptism :)

  • Kathy

    good tips! Do you add any seasoning to your foods? I never did for Jacob, but I have read about people adding some spices…..just wondering what your take was!

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