Drum-roll please……brmmm brmmm (how do you spell a drum roll?)…..brmmmmm….presenting baby boy’s first taste of fruit!!!!  Yeah, maybe that is a little too much hype?  Anyways, we are taking a break from introducing new veggies to try our hand at fruits.

First up: Apples!  As I mentioned in our Barley Cereal post, baby boy has had a bit of a problem on the end of the food tube, if you know what I mean.  We tried adding in more peas to his diet, and switching out rice cereal for barley cereal, but it didn’t seem to do the trick (rest assured, we did also visit the doctor).  So on top of the prescription from the doctor we thought we would try apples to help him start to get on a regular pattern.  Note*in a past life, I NEVER thought I would think about baby poop this much*.

Ok – on to the task at hand.  Apples are one of the fruits on the Dirty Dozen list, so I chose to buy organic apples.  However you are peeling the apples (and washing them), so buying organic is a personal choice!

Homemade Apples for Baby

  1. Buy your apples.  I chose organic Gala apples that didn’t have any bumps and bruises on them.  Gala apples seem to have a nice flavor that wouldn’t be too bitter for his first try.making apple baby food
  2. Core, peel, and dice the apples.  I have one of those handy dandy Apple And Potato Peeler all in one thingamagiggies.  I love using it for some reason, it makes me feel really domestic and efficient!  I just made sure all the peel was off of the chunks going into the steamer.  Of course you can also go old school and peel it, core, it and dice it.peeling an apple
  3. Steam the apples.  I use the Beaba Babycook babyfood maker, and have I mentioned I’m in love with it! haha…probably have.steaming apples
  4. Puree the apples.  After steaming the apples I poured back in a slight amount of the steaming water to help make the consistency thin, and blended it right up!  I didn’t need to add in any breast milk at all.
  5. Freeze the applesauce.  Using my freezer storage trays, I froze the apples for 24 hours, and then popped them into a freezer bag with the date on it.  Check out my baby food safety tips for all the details of how long the food will keep in the freezer.freezing apples

Yummy yums!  Baby boy loved it.  Click here for our feeding schedule, because we have started giving him a bit more food, well, because he’s a hungry boy!  AND I added a bit of cinnamon to the apples/oatmeal we have been giving him for breakfast.  He gobbled that stuff up.

Next up: Pears! (my next attempt at bowel regularity–haha, can’t believe I just typed that!)

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