Homemade Baby Food Meals

So what is up with babies growing up??  They do it soooo fast that is hard to keep up with all the memories that I am supposed to be remembering!  My little guy will be 11 months old tomorrow (really??), and he is a crawling, exploring machine.

Because he is getting older and has been introduced to many foods I have started making meals with baby boy, as opposed to single food dishes.  When I was introducing foods I would either serve them alone or mixed with one other fruit/vegetable that he previously had eaten.  Now that he eats a large variety of vegetables, grains, spices, and a few meats, I have started to mix and match them to make mini meals for baby boy.  He loves the variety of tastes that appear in his bowl by magic (magic called mommy!).

Making Homemade Baby Food Meals

  • Select your grain.  The dinner meal is usually the one that I mix and match foods to come up with a yummy combo.  I start with a grain, so that I’m making sure baby boy is getting fiber in that little tummy of his.  Many of the grains I cook ahead of time and freeze in individual baggies (see an example here).  When I’m ready to use them I pop them out and defrost in the fridge or microwave.  Some yummy choices for the base of the meal are:
  • Select your vegetable.  To keep baby boys digestion running smoothly (an obsession of mine according to my husband) veggies are a big part of the meal.  Sometimes I will select one to add in or a combination of two.  Some popular veggies with my son are:
  • Select your meat.  Adding in a meat to your baby’s meal is a great way to get a protein boost.  I have only introduced turkey and chicken so far, and they both mix well with veggies and grains.baby food meals
  • Add some spices.  I have slowly introduced my son to spices in his food, using the 3 day wait rule as well.  Add them in if your baby did well with them.  I have found a little goes a long way though!
  • Mix it up!  If you are mixing up a big batch of fresh veggies, grains and meat to freeze then you could use the Beaba Babycook because it is good for larger batches.  I normally use frozen foods that I have previously prepared and mix up a single serving in the Magic Bullet.  You can control also if you make it thick and chunky for older babies who are able to “gum” foods a bit, or smooth for younger eatersmixing food for baby meal

Here are a few favorite meals of baby boys:

  • barley, zuchinni, chicken and parsley
  • rice, turkey, sweet potato, apple, and cinnamon
  • pasta, squash, and a touch of cheese
  • couscous, lentils, peas, and basil

What are some of your baby meals that are hits?

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2 comments to Homemade Baby Food Meals

  • Krysta

    Hi there! Love this blog! Found it while googling the best way to prepare zucchini for my little, which by the way, she LOVES. Yay! She turns 8 mos Friday and is a great eater so we’re beginning the foray into finger foods and texturized foods. She’s unsure but is being a good sport. She managed to get down a good bit of some pear/pineapple purée with mashed banana pieces this morning pretty well.

    I had a question about spices. Do you have a separate post on them? What’s a good age to begin? What did you start with? I’ve heard cinnamon and maybe a dab of butter are good to start with apples. Anything with egg we’re trying to avoid for a little longer since Genevieve’s uncle had an egg allergy to both white and yolk. Thanks for the advice!

    • spoonmomma

      I’m so glad that you stopped by! 8 months is such a fun age for homemade baby food because you can start being creative and really get into new foods! I don’t have a specific post on spices (although I swear I did! lol), but we started I believe around 8-10 months. Cinnamon was our first with apples or sweet potatoes. One note about cinnamon is that if I put it into steamed apples and P-buddy feeds himself he gets a rash around his mouth, so we just stick to something that he is using a spoon for. I also would use basil and oregano a lot. I would mostly mix them into beans, peas, squash, potatoes, or veggie combinations. I would also try a very small amount of garlic powder and he loved that in with his veggies! For the combo meals (grain and veggie mixed together) basil, oregano or garlic can be mixed in also. Just introduce them as you would a new food, but if you start small they should be good to go! As she gets older and starts to eat pureed or mashed up versions of what your having for dinner she will get to taste lots of spices! Have fun!

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