Homemade Baby Food VS. Store Bought

Hi friends (real & bloggy!).  Now that we are way into feeding solids to our little guy, and he is demanding more and more (usually without saying please.  haha), I thought it would be a good time to compare the pros and cons of making your own baby food vs. buying it at the store. If you missed the other posts in my VS. series have no fear…here they are:

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And my latest:

Homemade Baby Food VS. Store Bought Baby FoodHomemade baby food vs. store bought

If you have been looking around this here little blog you will obviously notice that I have chosen to make baby boy’s baby food. For an example of how I do it read about homemade apples here.  I hadn’t decided that until after he was born and I did a little googling of my own.  I found out that it’s not that hard to do, and I wanted to take on the challenge.  AND, aren’t you glad I did???  Because that is why this blog came to be!  Just respond with an overwhelming “YES!” and humor me (smile)

Pros and Cons

Homemade Baby Food


  • Know exactly what is going into baby’s food
  • Uses fresh produce
  • Saves money (especially with a 2nd child)
  • More varieties of food available
  • Less chance of running out


  • Time Consuming
  • Store extra kitchen gadgets
  • Takes up room in freezer/fridge
  • Spend more money up front
  • Doesn’t keep for as long
Store Bought Baby Food
  • Convenient
  • Easy to travel with
  • Can get same thing at various stores/locations
  • Stores for a long time
  • Contains preservatives
  • Eventual cost
  • Not knowing exactly what may be in the food
  • Different texture/smell than fresh
  • Nutrients may be lost due to preserving

My Take on Homemade Baby Food VS. Store Bought

I am not one to be very opinionated about topics and try to force my opinions on others (unless I am really, really passionate about something).  I do however suggest if you have the time and means to make it on your own try it!  But I am a Mom that knows that whatever works for you is what you should do!  We have all been there.  I am very fortunate to be able to stay home with my son, so I have some extra time to make our son’s food.  We ventured out of the comforts of our home this winter and flew to FL, and I bought store bought food for him while we were down there (one less thing to think about you know?).  I must say that the packaged food smelled, looked, and tasted a lot different than our homemade food, which I am sure is from preserving it.  My husband commented that the “peas smell rank!”.  So I figure, if we like it better, than baby boy must like fresh better also (smile).  To be helpful in your baby food making en-devours check out my safety tips when making baby food.

Helpful Websites

Products that Might Be Useful

Now what is Your Take?  Share what worked or didn’t work!


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5 comments to Homemade Baby Food VS. Store Bought

  • I love the comparisons between the two and totally agree with you that it’s a matter of preference. Personally, I’ve done both with my kids but only homemade with my youngest. The biggest pro for me on the homemade side is that she is able to experience foods and flavors that just aren’t offered in the store bought baby food. Haven’t seen any jarred avocados in the stores I shop at…lol!

  • I did not rely solely on homemade baby food. I would make a bunch at a time and freeze .. and for convenience, or to sometimes try new foods I would buy it at the store. Sometimes I just couldn’t get the consistency right, and my kids actually enjoyed Earth’s Best better. Plus, they do have a lot of yummy combos. And, I never bought the meat baby foods. ick!

  • I absolutely LOVE this idea for a series of posts! Definitely conversation starters!! I’m so glad I stopped by (from SITS) and I look forward to stopping by again! =)

  • Found your site through SITS, and this post is great! It ties right in with my blog — or at least, how I started my blog, which was to be about feeding and making your own baby food, but has taken a bit of a turn and is now more about humor. You’re right that homemade baby food tastes, smells, and generally is better; and I admit, I do have store-bought food in my cupboard as well, if only for the convenience of having a backup (that moment when you look in the freezer and realize that you have nothing to feed the poor baby!) I’m looking forward to reading more about what you have to say on this topic!

  • I made baby food for both of my daughters, mainly because I love to grow my own vegetables and love to cook. I considered it an extension of what I already do in the kitchen anyway. Great post!

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