How Steak and Shake Saved the Day

Yes, Steak and Shake saved the day!  You didn’t know that they served up more than steaks and shakes did you?

So background info would be helpful huh?

A friend of mine, at Bunco (one of my keeping my sanity nights) recently shared with me how her and her hubby set aside a “date night” every other week. We all know that couples (with and without kids) sometimes get in a rut in the evenings.  We go our separate ways and sometime watch our separate shows. To combat that my friend and her husband take turns planning a fun activity that does not involve TV, phones, the tablet, and doesn’t even require them to go out of the house (that’s the best part for me! No makeup required! ha).  It could be something as simple as making s’mores in oven and eating them on a camping blanket – together.  EASY!

I really liked the idea of trying this, so I had a go at it first and planned a game night.  We played Sorry! for an hour and a half and called it good!  (we are just starting out OK?)

My husband’s turn (who by the way is awesome) came up to plan date night, and he did a WONDERFUL job!

It was nothing elaborate, fancy, romantic, or even expensive.

He got a babysitter for an hour after P-buddy had gone to bed, so there wasn’t any “babysitter” planning to do, and we went to Steak and Shake!!!! Some of you may be saying “Um, yeah, lame….??”. Steak and Shake and just opened in our small town and I am one that loves when new businesses open up, and we were excited to just go and check it out. Not that we hadn’t been there before, but just because it meant that the TWO of us could go out and get a shake and talk like adults!

date night after kids

A pre-baby couple!

I LOVED it! An hour to ourselves (reminded me of before our sweet baby arrived) and an inexpensive shake was perfect. AND an hour of a babysitter isn’t too expensive, so it was a good deal.

I better think of something good for my date night next week – hmmm.

Do you ever do any stay-inside date nights??

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3 comments to How Steak and Shake Saved the Day

  • That was a great date idea! :)
    P & I definitely do not get enough date time every month- mainly because we can’t afford to go out often & also because baby girl doesn’t seem okay to stay with someone other than us for more than an hour. *sigh* The last time we went out for dinner, my mom called us an hour & a half into it because baby girl was having a total meltdown & NOTHING my mom was trying was helping. :/

    But I like the idea of the stay inside dates and even more the idea of taking turns planning them! :) Might have to implement this with my husband asap. Thank you for sharing!

  • Redman

    A fun activity that does not involve TV, phones, the tablet, and doesn’t even require us to go out of the house?? Hmmmm. Got it!! (Censored)

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