Why I {heart} AppleCheek Diapers!

Deciding to cloth diaper our baby boy’s bum was an easy decision for us.  Yes, it saves money, but more important for us was the “green” factor.  Now, I am not too crunchy when it comes to being green.  We recycle, and try to keep our energy use to a minimum, but we slip up now and then.

Because we recycle we usually have about one black bag of trash each week, and we love it!  It’s cheaper because we buy stickers for our trash so we only pay for what they pick up, instead of having unlimited pick up.  In the months before baby boy was born we knew that the amount of garbage in our house would sky rocket, from diapers alone.  So we made the commitment to cloth diaper our son.  Has it been all roses and happiness?  No.  But then again is diapering with disposable all roses?  NO.

I have written some tips for cloth diapering,  products that are oh so useful, & the pros and cons of using cloth diapers, but today I am going to introduce you to the brand of diapers we use and how we make them work for us!

applecheeks diaper review

Why AppleCheek diapers work for us!

We went through a local cloth diaper seller and purchased a trial pack of diapers.  We received 5 kinds to try out with baby boy in the first few months of his life.  It was so nice because we could see them all in action before purchasing a big bundle of diapers.

So, obviously we went with AppleCheeks!  They are an 2 in 1 diaper meaning:

  • they have inserts and a shell that are separate from each other.
  • when the insert gets wet, the shell can be used again.

They also can be an All in 1 because there is a pocket that the insert can go into meaning:

  • the insert fits “inside” the shell to become one diaper.
  • when your child goes potty (or poop) the insert AND the shell get wet.

applecheeks diaper review


How they work

We chose to use the diapers in the 2 in 1 fashion (insert on top of shell instead of inside)  because you do not need to purchase as many shells as inserts (therefore keeping the cost down).  You can switch back and forth between two or three shells, until your child gets poop on the shell or wets it too much.

Assembling the diaper

  • Lay the shell flat inside up.
  • Fold an insert into thirds the long ways, making it slightly thinner than the width of the shell crotch.
  • For a boy place the insert all the way up at the front of the diaper, and for a girl place it in the middle.
  • Pull the front “wings” of the diaper up so that the insert tucks into the shell slightly.  Do the same at the back.

Putting the diaper on your baby

  • Lay your baby on top of the diaper and wrap the front around the front of your child
  • Pull it snugly around your baby’s leg and snap the bottom row of snaps so that it fits their leg well but is not too tight.
  • Snap the top row of snaps as well. *the bottom and top row of snaps do not need to be in the same column of snaps (if that makes sense?) The bottom could be 2 snaps in and the top could be 3 in for example.
  • Pull the front “wings” up so that the leg elastic is snug around baby’s leg.  This helps keep any poop inside!

The diaper is dirty!

  • Unsnap the diaper and take the insert out
  • Spray the diaper to give in a cold rinse and put it in a wet bag.  (See my post about what tools I use for links to the sprayer and wet bag)
  • Hang the shell to dry so that at the next diaper change it can be reused again

applecheeks diaper review


How “I” clean the diapers

I don’t know if I do it correctly and by the book, but this is what works for us!  I wash my diapers usually every day.


  • After the diaper is used (potty or poop) spray it off in the toilet.  This helps to keep the build up of ammonia down.
  • Put it in the wet bag until wash day.


  • I used Tide Free detergent, as I have heard that detergents with scents will create a build up and will cause the diapers to smell (been there, done that!).
  • Put very little soap in with a load of diapers (I use about 2-3 TBS for a small/medium wash).
  • Run a load of wash that is one step up from the amount of diapers you have.  (For example, I have a small load, so I run it on the medium wash cycle).
  • Use hot water and an extra rinse.


  • I dry my inserts in the dryer for about 50 minutes on high.  I usually still have to hang the thick inserts up to dry.
  • Hang dry the shells so that the elastic does not wear prematurely.
  • I use dryer balls in my dryer, especially if there are not too many inserts inside.  This way they keep moving and don’t get stuck in the dryer.
About once every two months or so I “strip” the diapers.  This gets off extra detergent and urine build up and restores some of the absorbancy.  To do this run a wash load like I described above.  After that run 3-4 more wash loads like above but without detergent.  Dry as normal.   If I notice that baby boy is leaking out of his diaper some then I will strip them and it usually takes care of it!

Then and Now


When baby boy was little I used size 1 shells and the regular absorbency inserts.  We went through probably 12-14 inserts each day and about 7 shells.  Because small babies poo tends to shoot out with force (don’t pretend you don’t know that!) the shell most likely will get poop on it, so it could not be reused.


At about 9 months old baby boy weight around 20 pounds and we made the switch to the size 2 diapers.  We also use doubler (a second layer insert on top of the base insert) to prevent any leaks.  Now that baby boy is 14.5 months we are slowly making the switch to using a triple layer thick insert every time we put a diaper on him.  We do this because he has more urine that comes out when he goes potty, and because he is so active the regular inserts in the crotch area tend to bunch up, where the thick ones do not.  We use about 7 inserts in one day and about 3-4 shells.  I still do a load every day to prevent any smells from building up, and because I don’t have many thick inserts (I need to do some shopping!)

Well, that sums it up!  I would totally recommend using AppleCheeks!  They have great customer service to boot.  Any questions?  Shoot me a comment (smile)

Are you a cloth diapering Mama?  What brand is your favorite?

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