Keep That Water Baby Warm!

Recently we signed up baby boy for a “Babies and Me” swimming class at the local community center.  He was 14 months so we thought this would be good timing for him to learn some water skills, and basically become more comfortable in the water.  We had been swimming in various pools before (check out our vacation pics), and baby boy l-o-v-e-s the water.  Seriously he has a crush on it.

infant thermal wet suit

Day 1 of class did NOT go as swimmingly (pun intended) as we had hoped.  Baby boy was going through a phase where if a male talked to him, he screamed.  Needless to say the male swimming teacher rubbed baby boy the wrong way from the get go.

We made it through that class, and the next few with less and less crying…so that was a good thing.  BUT we noticed that the water was not kept too warm, and his little lips were turning purple at about 15 minutes into a 30 minute class. This probably did not help the happiness level.

Looking around I found what I thought would do the trick! A thermal bathing suit was on order that day and got to us before our next swim class.

And ta-da!  It worked wonders and baby boy got through the class without a shiver.  There was actually less material on his body, but apparently it is still warmer.  The water that gets trapped between the suit and his body warms and keeps his chest area warm, which in turn keeps his whole body toasty!

Baby boy slowly became more and more comfortable with the teacher and was kicking and floating like he had been born to do it!

Now that cold weather is upon us, grab a thermal suit for your vacations to hotels and for swimming lessons…it does the trick!

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