Lentil Baby Food

Yeah, when I first thought of feeding my baby boy lentils, I thought it was a bit odd.  BUT come to find out they are very healthy, high in protein, mix well with other veggies, and make mini meals that much richer.  They are part of the legume family and once boiled mash up nicely for smaller babies or are small enough for older babies to gum.

I first fed lentils to my son when he was around 10 months.  I would puree them up so that they were nice and soft for him to mash around in his mouth.  Yum yum!

Lentil Baby Food

  • Buy the lentils.  Most of the stores carry them in bags near the beans.  They are usually a green-ish to brown-ish color.lentil baby food
  • Rinse and sort.  Lentils are very small and do not need to be soaked overnight like other legumes, but should be rinsed very well.  I rinse them and separate them on a plate so that I can sort through them and make sure there isn’t any dirt, pebbles, or other objects.lentil baby food
  • Boil the lentils.  Following the directions on the package, boil the lentils.  Usually for every cup of lentils you need about 3-4 cups of water.  It will take about 15-20 minutes of simmering for the lentils to reach a softer consistency.lentil baby food
  • Freeze.  I found it best to freeze the lentils whole, instead of pureed.  I used snack size baggies to store one serving size in.  I then put a handful of those bags into a larger freezer bag.
  • Thaw and serve.  When it comes time to serve the lentils, I will pull out one snack size baggie out and thaw it in the fridge during the day, or the microwave.  You can mash them up with a fork to serve, puree them in your Magic Bullet, or serve whole.

It is surprising the number of ways I have found to serve lentils.  Baby boy enjoys them mixed with carrots, chicken, rice, barley, and of course cheese!  You can be creative and mix up quite the combination of meals!

Have you found any yummy ways to serve lentils?


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