Light Up Bath Time!

Bath time lately has been one of our favorite times of the day.  Baby boy knows that it is bath time when we start saying “bath time” over and over (who wouldn’t know?).

His usual M.O. is to excitedly crawl into the bathroom, mouth open, screaming and squealing.  He pulls his little naked body up onto the tub and can hardly contain himself while I get the water warm.  Although, the last few times he is SO excited that he starts going potty, right there on the floor at the edge of the tub.  So needless to say we do the whole screaming, giggling, squealing crawl to the tub now in his diapers.

I have found so many ideas on Pinterest lately about making bath time more than just getting clean, and instead a fun and unique time (with a little learning disguised in there).  We are all about sensory play (remember the cool whip play?) so I thought we would add it into bath time!

I found some glow sticks at the Dollar Tree and Meijer that I picked up and baby boy had fun with those in the tub, especially because we turn the lights out!  I also found some submersible water lights at Meijer in the floral section.  They are meant to go into vases full of water and light up the plant.  They change color randomly, or you can select a color for it to stay on.

glow bath lights

I must say they are pretty cool!  Baby boy likes to chase them around the tub (working on hand/eye coordination!) as well as putting them into containers, making baskets with them in our bath tub net, or looking at the cool reflections on the walls.

If baby boy (for some odd reason) isn’t into bath time, these are a nice little distraction so that I can get him all nice and squeaky clean. *obviously watch that they don’t put them in their mouth!!*

*Update: We are l-o-v-i-n-g the craft foam shapes that stick to the bathtub walls now!!

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3 comments to Light Up Bath Time!

  • PMiddy

    but if they DO put them in their mouth you get a glow baby. Much more fun to play with than a regular baby!

  • Hi! I am so happy I found your blog. I came from Frugal Foodie Mama and I have 2 young boys of my own. With my last one I did make my own baby food as well so I am anxious to learn some new recipes! My oldest son also has Sensory Processing Disorder so I love all your Sensory ideas! I am going to have to try them! I hope you follow me back…I am not too sure how to follow you on blogger but I did follow you on FB!

    • spoonmomma

      Thanks so much for the follow! I know that one of the blogs (Your Kid’s Table) has some great info/ideas for children with sensory processing difficulties. You might want to check it out! Looking forward to getting to know you!

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