Making Mommy April Challenge: Update!

ABS EVERY DAY???  That was my challenge that I decided to do for myself in my first installment of Making Mommy Monthly Series.  This challenge was motivated in part by my Secrets of a Post Baby Body post.  In case you missed it here are the past posts for April’s challenge:

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Here we are, halfway through the month.  Have I done abs every day?  Hmmmm….no.  It has been harder than I thought.  To be honest I have missed a few days here and there.  These are my excuses:

I know, I know, excuses, excuses.  I am really trying though!  I have found that the best time to do my workouts is after baby boy has gone to bed for the night and I am watching one of my fav shows (DWTS & American Idol to name a few).  But putting it off until the end of the day has its downfalls also.  Mainly that if I forget I have run out of day time to remember and do it.

I have also allowed myself to count the ab work that was done in my aerobics classes as that days work out.  Does that sound fair?  I usually make it to the gym 3 times per week, so I have 3 days covered right there.

I must say though that doing this challenge has made me more aware of my body.  I think twice before I have that late night fatty snack!  AND I think my stomach is looking flatter.  I am sure it is not from the ab work, but rather it is just going down over the 8.5 months since I had my little guy.  And maybe the control top underwear!  haha joking.

Check back near the end of the month when I will have a wrap up on my monthly challenge and an introduction to my Making Mommy May Challenge!

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