Making Mommy April Challenge – Wrap Up!

I MADE it!  My first challenge in my new Making Mommy Series is in the books.  For the month of April I challenged myself to do some sort of ab work out each day.  I go to the gym about 3-4 times each week and do a step or kickboxing class…which I love. But I felt that I needed to add a little more into my routine if I wanted to see quicker results and glimpses of my pre-baby body.  If you missed my posts in this series check them out here (tons of great guest posts from Jami too!)

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So I know, I know, doing ab work each day isn’t that big of a deal..but for me it is!  I keep myself pretty busy each day, and fitting it in has been a challenge sometimes.  I usually found some time after baby boy was in bed for the night and while I was watching my TV shows.   I know, relaxing huh?  haha

But I actually stuck to it!  I did miss a few days here and there to be honest, but I did my best to add in something small if I ran out of time.  Anything is better than nothing right??

AND the best part is I feel better about myself!  I fit into a pair of dress pants that I wore before being preggo!  I can kinda see some muscle in my stomach returning, and I possibly, maybe, sort of, can imagine wearing a bikini again at some point (gasp!).

Oh, and I don’t know how the mom’s that have babies back to back do it!  Getting pregnant before feeling like I am back to my normal body seems impossible.  More power to them!  I suppose after two babies, there is lots more running around that burns those calories and gets you back into shape, whether you want to or not!

Stay tuned soon for my Making Mommy May Challenge!  (hint: it has to do with snacking!)  OH!  And there might just be one more bonus guest post from Jami about getting back into shape (love that girl).

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