Making Mommy May Challenge: Healthy Snacking!

Another month, another challenge!  Ugh.  Oh wait, you weren’t supposed to hear that!  Last month I tried adding in some abdominal workouts every day to try and get back to my pre-baby body (if that is possible?).  If you missed the challenge check it out here.

This month I am going to try and improve my late night snacking habit.  I have always been one to grab a snack or two while I am winding down from the day, watching my favorite TV shows.  When I was preggo I LOVED it because really if I didn’t have a late night snack, I would wake up hungry in the middle of the night.  Now I justify this snack with the fact that I am nursing and have to consume more calories (right? right?).  I think this bedtime fridge raid might be my downfall with losing the rest of the baby weight though.  I just keep going back and back and back to get more. (Last night I had 5 slices of homemade cinnamon bread – oops)

I have my go to snacks, that really aren’t that bad for me at all, it’s just that when I eat them, I eat a lot!  Like, just not one or two graham crackers, but we’re talking a whole package.  Not just a bowl of popcorn…the whole bag. Here is a sampling of  my snack rotation I go through every week.  Pick a random night and you are bound to see me with one of these (like I said not really unhealthy…the quantity is just a bit much):

And the snack is bound to be accompanied by this (complete with a straw):

So, keeping that in mind…

May challenge (#2): make fruit and veggies the main part of my snack 5x per week

And yes, I said only 5x per week…everyone has to have their cheat days!  This is where the hard part comes in though…being creative with the food.  How many different ways can I eat a banana?  So, I don’t think I will be able to just have a fruit or veggie for the snack, but it will be the MAIN part rather than just a side.  For example:

  • apples and peanut butter
  • butternut squash with a hint of brown sugar
  • strawberry smoothie
  • carrots and hummus
This is where YOU come in!  I need ideas!!!!  Any favorite fruit and veggie snacks?
Stay tuned for an update on my eating adventures later this month!



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5 comments to Making Mommy May Challenge: Healthy Snacking!

  • My absolute favorite snacks are strawberries and bananas cut up with a tablespoon of greek yogurt and a small drizzle of honey. And carrots dipped in peanut butter. It sounds gross – but it’s so good!!

  • I am going to join you in the challenge to up my fruit/veggie intake–helpful that I’m buying all this stuff to make for my daughter too :) And a great time of the year to set this goal!

  • I love that same hummus and the pretzel chips. One of my daughter’s favorites, too.

    I like apple slices with extra sharp cheddar cheese. But I’m a New Yorker, and that’s the only place I’ve known people to like that. Everyone else thinks it’s weird! :)

  • This is a great challenge. My downfall is pizza bites and other savory frozen snacks :)

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