Making Mommy September Challenge: Body Part Photo Book!

If you remember last week I vowed/made myself conqour some of those dusty pins from Pinterest.  You know the ones…you pin them and can’t wait to do it because it is such an awesome idea?  And then there they sit…collecting dust.

Well this month for My Making Mommy Challenge (check out my abs every day and healthy snacking challenges also!) I am challenging myself to do one of those pins each week.  I really enjoy being crafty, especially in my crafty area downstairs, and this challenge is helping me to get back to doing some things that I really enjoy.  You know besides being a MOM!

Here is a run down of my pinterst projects so far:

  1. Making Mommy September Challenge: Pinterest Projects Intro
  2. DIY Light Table
  3. Body Part Photo Book for baby

I still have to come up with two more projects!!  I better get pinning!

DIY Baby Body Part Photo Book

baby body part book

Babies are all about body parts, and parents are all about asking them where they are!  I saw a pin for a baby body part book from I Can Teach My Child.  They used plastic baggies to keep the book in tip top shape.  I decided to use my laminator instead, well, because I love my laminator!!

  • Edit photos for body parts.  I went through my collection of photos of baby boy and found a few that were fairly clear and that showed the body parts I wanted to use for the book.  I then used PicMonkey to crop the pictures down and add in the words.  Don’t forget to make a cover for the book!baby body part book
  • Print out the pictures.  I printed my pictures out as 5×7’s.  I didn’t want to use a full page of ink for each picture, so my book will end up being a 5×7 body part book
  • Laminate the pictures.  The best part!!  I used my laminator and ran them through individual laminating pockets.  This makes them extra sturdy for all the bending and drooling that happens when baby boy looks at books. baby body part book
  • Hole punch and tie together the pictures.  You can use any way of binding the book together that you wish.  I chose to use ribbon (easily replaceable if it breaks) and laced it through two holes punched in each page. baby body part book
  • Your book is finished and ready to be loved! 

baby body part book

Baby boy is seriously in love with books, so I am excited for him to get into this one and one day realize that those body parts are HIS body parts!

Come back next week when I tackle another Pinterest Project!


Raising Bean
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