Making Mommy September Challenge: Family Photo Magnets

Whew!  I have been DIY-ing my way through this month!  I have to be honest out of all my Making Mommy Challenges (abs every day and healthy snacking) this month’s Pinterest Projects has been my favorite! I have been scouring my pins and finding ones that I loved and just never got to, and am actually doing them this week! .  Here is a run down on the other awesome Pinterest ideas that that I finally got around to completing this month:

  1. Making Mommy September Challenge: Intro
  2. DIY Light Table
  3. DIY Baby Body Part Photo Book
  4. DIY Family Photo Magnets

This week’s Pinterest Project is a fairly simple one (we’ve had a busy week).  I found the idea to use family pictures on magnets from Fun and Engaging Activities for Toddlers.

Family Photo Magnets

magnetic photos for baby

Now that baby boy is 1 year old, he is really starting to recognize and remember family members (he especially has a man crush on my Dad!).  He also loves looking at pictures of people and babies (hence some of his favorite books), so this Pinterest Project is a great combination of both!

We seem to spend a lot of time in the kitchen…playing, cooking, cleaning, who knows what else!  I thought I would use the space on the refridgerator to hang some pictures of family members.  This will help baby boy learn who everyone is, as well as elicit “talk” about the pictures:

  • Where is Grandma?
  • Oh, yes, we just saw your Aunt yesterday.
  • Who is in that picture?  Is it Papa?
  • Mommy has a pink shirt on!

I purchased the magnetic photo frames (most stores have them) and printed off some of our favorite family photos.  I stuck them in the sleeves, put them at baby boy’s eye level and voila!  Easiest project ever!  Christmas card photos will be good for this too, as I can change out the photos for more recent ones, and the printing is already done for me!

magnetic photos for baby

magnetic photos for baby

Do you have any favorite ideas that involve family photos?

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