Making Mommy September Challenge: Fine Motor Tube

I made it through my Pinterest Project challenge!!!  Woo Hoo!  If you have been following along, this month for my Making Mommy Challenge I gave myself the goal of accomplishing one of my long lost Pinterest Pins each week.  I actually really loved this challenge because it gave me something fun to do during nap time (you know instead of the regular cleaning blah blah blah).  If you missed it here are my latest DIY Pinterest en devours.

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  2. DIY Light Table
  3. DIY Baby Body Part Book
  4. Family Photo Gallery for Babies/Toddlers
  5. Fine Motor Tube

So this week’s DIY challenge I kept pretty simple!  We have been working with baby boy on his pincer grasp and this was the perfect activity for it.  He also learned about a month ago how to put objects into a container (took forever right?) and so he has been all about putting this here, and that there.

Fine Motor Tube

I pinned a fine motor activity that uses tape, paper towel tube, and pom poms from How We Montessori  EASY!  The blogger claimed it was the easiest fine motor activity, so that was my cue to pin it!

You don’t really need step by step instructions for this activity…this pictures tell the story!  Depending on the age and dexterity of your child you can add more tubes to make twists and turns for the pom pom.  It would be fun to create the run together.

fine motor tube

Attach a paper towel tube with tape to a flat surface, and start dropping in pom poms!

fine motor tube

I will say that my son was not too interested in this for that long.  He is kinda in the “crawl everywhere and play with something for one minute” phase.  He was having a bit of a hard time getting the pom pom into the tube, and just wanted to take the bowl and dump them out and put them back in.  I will leave it up and see if we can go back to it in a couple of weeks.

Seriously I have to start saving paper towel tubes because I see a lot of uses for them on Pinterest!

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