Making Mommy September Challenge: Pinterest Project!

Way back when in April I started a Making Mommy Monthly Challenge blog series, where I would challenge myself to complete something for that whole month.  I started with doing ab work every day (ugh), and followed it up the next month with eating healthier snacks (double ugh).  You can tell in the spring I was really into getting my pre baby body back!  HA!

Lately I have been on a crafting/organizing kick (Hobby Lobby thanks me).  I have started pinning a few things here and there on Pinterest, but of course never seem to get to them.  Story of us all right?  We all know how that goes….it’s midnight and you can’t. stop. pinning.

So this month I thought for my Making Mommy Challenge I would put some of those pins to good use!!  Each week this month I am going break out my DIY-ness and actually make some of those pins!  I will let you take a peek of my success or failures (plenty of those!).

I have been searching through my pins to find the long lost pins that seemed awesome, but just never got done.  Here are a few I think I will tackle this month (subject to change because, um, it’s my challenge)

And, I’m still coming up with the other ones!  Stay tuned next Wednesday when I conquer my first Pinterest Project!  Oh, and want to follow me on Pinterest??


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