Whew…it has been a while since I posted a new baby food recipe!  Yikes!  Rest assured, just because I haven’t posted about it doesn’t mean that I have stopped feeding my baby.  Believe me he has been chowing down like no other!  He is 10.5 months now, and we have moved to more finger foods.  His new favorites are strawberries, melon, and turkey (not combined!  haha).  We introduced mango to baby boy back when he was 9 months and it is also a favorite, especially combined with peaches or avocado.  Keep in mind that mangoes are a tropical fruit, and in some baby’s pose an allergic risk.  Please ask you doctor before introducing them!  Read more about that here.

Mango baby food recipe

  • Buy the mango.  Mango is not one of the dirty dozen…woo hoo!  Although when I bought a fresh mango I had a difficult time cutting it and getting a lot of fruit out of it.  I am not an expert with knives in the kitchen (I just learned how to properly cut an avocado!).  So I opted to buy frozen instead.  It is just as good, and the frozen bags do not contain any other additives (plus!).mango baby food
  • Steam the mango.  Steaming in my Beaba Babycook is still my go to cooking method.  It keeps the most nutrients in and allows you to add back in the steaming water if you wish to.  Although, now that my son is eating finger foods and thicker purees, I normally do not need to add any of the steaming water back in to thin it.steaming mango baby food
  • Puree the mango.  If your child is old enough to “gum” the cooked fruit and safely swallow it, then you can skip the pureeing part.  If you are pureeing it still, mango makes a very smooth puree without being to watery…just the perfect consistency.pureeing mango baby food
  • Freeze the puree.  Plop a few spoonfuls into your freezer tray for 24 hours.  Once they are completely frozen put them in a freezer bag with the date.  If you remember my baby food safety tips it is recommended to use the cubes within one month.freezing mango baby food

Enjoy!  Like I mentioned before mango is a great fruit to mix with banana, avocado, peaches, or pear.  It makes a yummy summer tasting treat!  If you are just starting out making homemade baby food check out my beginning steps.

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