Boy, do I love, love, love when I start seeing melons in the grocery store.  For us up here in Michigan we start seeing them in late April or so, but they really aren’t good tasting until June-ish.  So juicy and yummy…oh my!  Can’t get enough!  My husband really likes the seedless watermelon, and my favorite is cantaloupe.

Because we love them so much, I thought baby boy would as well (smile).  Some babies will get a rash reaction from melon, so it is best to wait until after the 9 month mark or so (please check with your doctor) to offer it.  We have very little food allergies in our family, and have had no trouble with baby boy and his solid foods, so we offered melon after he turned 9 months.

Melon, if nice and ripe, is a great finger food for baby.  Cut it up very small and offer it on his tray.  Yum yum!  At 9 months we were just beginning to offer a few puffs as finger food, so he wasn’t really an expert at it, so I choose to puree the cantaloupe.  Check out how below!

cantaloupe for baby food

Cantaloupe for Baby Food

  1. Purchase the cantaloupe.  Melon is on the Clean 15 list, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing organic.  I have seen lots of tips for selecting a good melon, but I seem to look for ones that are still slightly green, but not too green.  I also do the sniff test where the vine used to be attached.  If I can smell the melon then it usually will be a good one!
  2. Cut the melon.  Cut away the meat of the melon from the rind, and remove the seeds.  Cut the melon into bite size pieces.
  3. Store the melon.  I chose to store the melon in a bowl in the fridge, instead of pureeing and freezing.  I have read that pureed cantaloupe doesn’t freeze well, so I chose to puree it and serve it fresh instead.
  4. Puree the melon.  When I wanted to serve cantaloupe to baby boy, I would remove a few pieces from the fridge and puree a single serving in my Magic Bullet.  Usually I use my Beaba Babycook to puree, but that is more for when I do large batches of food at a time for freezing.  The Magic Bullet works really well for just pureeing a single serving.
  5. Serve!  Melon is a watery fruit when pureed, so I will often mix it with something else like peach, avocado, or yogurt (whole milk).  Oatmeal is a good thickener as well.  It is also very yummy offered in bigger pieces, in a mesh feeder.

As baby boy became better with chewing (gumming) and picking up finger foods, I offered cantaloupe and watermelon on his tray in tiny pieces.  He eats them like crazy!

Yay for summer fruits!

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