Memories Captured: Bright Spot

My little baby, my first born, my lovey dovey boy, is going to be ONE year old in a few short weeks.  I type this with tears in my eyes, not because I am sad, but because I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.  I now get what all those other Mom’s have been saying for years and years…it is such a different kind of love that is SO hard to describe.

We just got back from an annual family vacation in Wisconsin.  So many memories are created during that one week every year.  Every time we get together throughout the year there is no doubt that a Green Lake vacation memory is brought up.  It was extra special this year because it was the first year that baby boy was there.  Last year I was oh about 37 weeks preggo and skipped out on going to WI for obvious reasons.

It is truly a relaxing vacation where the hardest work we do is pull ourselves off the dock and shower to go out to dinner.  One of the events that we do every year, and is usually a high light is rent a pontoon boat.  We meander around the lake, anchor, eat lunch, and swim the afternoon away.  Always very relaxing and wonderful.

This year however was a bit different.  The previous owners ran out of gas in the lake, so our trip started about an hour late.  It was hot, bags were forgotten in the car, there was no ladder to get back onto the pontoon, and it stalled out on us and the marina needed to come get it.  No meandering or swimming happened.  We were all pretty bummed and tensions were a bit high.  Mostly we were sad that the fun that always happens just didn’t happen.  We felt sorry for ourselves that afternoon but finally got over the disappointment (after a few relaxing drinks).

My hubby and I were so looking forward to playing around with baby boy in the shallow water off the pontoon, but it just didn’t happen.  BUT when we got home and looked at the few pictures we did capture from that day, we came across this one:

How perfect is that?  We both decided that out of that disappointing pontoon boat trip, a bright spot emerged: a happy moment with Mom, Dad, and baby.  Mommy and Daddy love you so so so much little guy.  Thank you for all the wonderful joyful memories you bring us, and the consistent reminder that every moment is a happy one.

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