Mesh Feeder for Babies

When preparing to go to a restaurant with my baby boy, or frankly, ANYWHERE with my baby boy (remember my trip to the salon?), I have a mental checklist that I go through to make sure I have the essential items to keep him occupied.  Our diaper bag usually is full of these sanity saving things:

There has been many times where the mesh feeder has saved our baby boy from having a melt down, that is if you can fill the feeder fast enough!  The mesh feeder looks like an oversized pacifier with a netting on one end.  You can put chunks of food into the netting and let your baby munch and chew on it.  They get the nutrients and yumminess of food that they may not be ready to chew on their own.  It also gives mom an easy option for bringing food to a restaurant without having to worry about pureeing it.

mesh feeder for baby

Mesh feeder for baby that can be filled with lots of yummy foods

My son is almost 11 months so he doesn’t need it as much anymore because he is doing well with finger foods.  He is although getting some more top teeth, and the mesh feeder is a great relief for teething by just placing a few ice chips in it, and letting the little guy go to town.

Here are some food ideas to put in the mesh feeder:

  • sliced apples
  • melon chunks
  • ice chips for teething
  • frozen peaches/mangoes for a summer treat
  • strawberries
  • any thing you can imagine up!

I suggest getting a couple replacement mesh bags for use if it is dropped at the restaurant, or if they get worn down by lots of love!

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