Mini Meatballs for Baby

Baby boy is such a big boy now!  I just got back from shopping and I am buying 18 month pajamas!  What??  Where did all that time go?  Such is the plight of Mother’s everywhere….

Because baby boy is now 1 year old, he is eating more and more table foods.  No more purees for us.  I have been trying each week to cook some dinner that my husband, baby boy and I can all eat.  Usually we have to make a few alterations for baby boy, but not much.

For example when we made tacos last week, my husband likes to add refried beans into the meat.  So for baby boy, we just took out some of the meat before hand, and added in a grain so his tacos would be a little more baby friendly (smile).  It’s funny how you care a whole lot more about what goes into your child’s mouth than your own!

Sometimes baby boy does have to have something different than us, so on those nights I try to make something new for him, in the name of expanding his palate and what not.  If you remember my post a bit ago about making baby meals (pick your grain, meat, veggie, spices, etc. and mix) it is along those same lines, but this time we are making the meal into mini meatballs!

Meatballs are great as finger foods and have lots of possibilities for combinations!  Let’s get going!

Mini Baby Meatballs

meatballs for babies

  1. I found this recipe on the Wholesome Baby Food blog (awesome!).  Check it out here.
  2. Gather your ingredients.  You will want:
    1. rice or barley
    2. veggie of your choosing
    3. meat of your choosing (already cooked)
    4. a “sauce” (cheese, marinara, pureed veggie, etc.)
  3. Puree the grain.  In order for the meatball to stick together you will need to puree the rice (I use my Magic Bullet or Beaba Babycook) so that it creates a sticky paste (kinda sounds gross, but it’s all good!)
  4. Add the veggie & meat.  Puree a bit more after the veggie and meat are added until the right consistency is reached.
  5. Add in spices.  If you wish you can add in some parsley, garlic, oregano, or other spice that would taste yummy with your combination.
  6. Add in a liquid.  If the combination is too dry you can add a bit of water, breast milk, or formula to thin it slightly.
  7. Roll into balls.  Roll the puree into balls and warm a bit for baby.
  8. Add your sauce.  You can sprinkle whatever you choose to use for sauce over the warmed meatballs.

You can break the meatball apart for baby or serve it whole depending on your child’s age and experience with gumming food.  Here are some combinations that might be yummy!

  • rice, chicken, sweet potato
  • barley, turkey, carrots
  • rice, beef, tomato
  • barley, turkey, lentils and cheese


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