Moments of Bliss

I took a look at the posts I have been writing lately, and it struck me there are a lot of “how to’s”, “steps to complete this”, “DIY that”.  I am quite the orderly lady and those posts really appeal to me; writing them, and especially reading them.  But you know what, I am going to deviate from my norm and write a little more personal tonight.

It’s the perfect night for it to, because baby boy and I shared an awesome moment together.

We have a squiggly, go-get-em, wrestle mania boy.  Even as a small infant he was not one to be cradled in your arms and snuggled.  Standing up on your legs was more his style.  Now as a bee-bopping, almost 14 month old, things are no different.  Sure he enjoys being carried around, but to lay down on your lap and lay his little head down, not so much.

But tonight was different.  I loved it. 

The hubby was working in the den, and baby boy and I laid on the guest bed in the room with Daddy.  Baby boy laid his head on my chest, sucked his thumb and gave in and relaxed.  Amazing.

He listened to my stomach gurgle.  We laid next to each other and got our eyes as close to each other as we could.  He tucked his head into my neck.  He played with my hair.

I tried to remember how big his head was when he laid on my chest when we first met each other.

Here he is, one year old, and almost walking.

We snuggled in the rocking chair as he drank his milk and looked at a book (his most favorite thing to do).  When he finished he turned towards me, gave me a kiss and laid his head on my shoulder.

He just laid there quietly…and I didn’t dare say anything.  He relaxed and loved his Mommy.

I started crying a little bit, because I love him this big.

*side note…he may have been extra tired because of his Babies and Me swimming class, but I will take the snuggles any way I can get them.

How can I resist this boy?

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