Month of Rice Cereal-Starting out


From my reading, AAA (American Association of Pediatrics) suggests waiting to start solids until 6 months, but many pediatricians say it is ok any where between 4-6 months.  My pediatrician said I could start at 4 months if I wanted to.  **Of course, ask your doctor for what is best for your child**

    So four months came and I felt that I should try it.  Here is how it went:

  • I warmed about 3 teaspoons of breast milk in one of my pumping milk bags under warm tap water.
  • I mixed one teaspoon of store bought rice cereal with the breast milk – it was runny!
  • I got his bumbo chair set up and put him in it.
  • The spoon slowly came towards his mouth…and….

    Of course he didn’t know what to do…what is a spoon anyways?!?!   I went on trying it once every day mixing just one teaspoon of rice cereal with breast milk and pretty much got the same results every day: cereal goes in the mouth; cereal comes out of the mouth. 

    It’s all about the experience of it RIGHT????  Read about what happened next here.


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