Month of Rice Cereal – Success!

   So – I have been at it with two feedings of rice cereal each day beginning at 4 months old…AND…I think baby boy is getting the hang of it!  Read about how I started out, and how I kept it up, and now about us having success!

  • He leans into the spoon now
  • He opens his mouth (wow!)
  • He sometimes whines in between spoonfuls – tells me he likes it!

  He didn’t seem to like the runny consisency of the rice cereal when it was mixed with 3 times as much breast milk early on.  I tried mixing it 1-to-1 (2 tablespoons cereal; 2 tablespoons breastmilk), and that seemed to work much better.  It is thick when we start but his saliva and the breast milk combined break down the cereal very quickly.  By the end of the feeding I sometimes have to put more cereal in it to make it thick again. 

  PERSEVERE: It took him one whole month to learn how to open his mouth and not to spit out most of it.  Believe me there is lots of chin scraping and feeding him again what he just spit out (gross).

   So here we are at 5 months, and he is getting it and is chowing down on the two meals that I give him each day!  Celebration!

Up next: Peas and Squash

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