Musical Balloon Shakers

Ever since baby boy learned what “shake it” meant, he shakes anything around him with gusto.  He picks up that rattle in his chubby little hand and shakes it like there’s no tomorrow.  His other free hand joins in the fun, because, well, you can’t just use one hand when you are “shaking it”!

Because he loves to shake things so much (sensory bottles were a favorite for this) and enjoys the sound that comes from those objects, I decided to make him some balloon shakers.  These are handy dandy because you can control what goes into the balloons, so you get different sounds.  For the older kiddos you could make sets of balloons with the same material in them so there is a matching pair.

It is fun to make things that force little ones to just use one of their senses…what better to hear you with my dear! (Ok, that was corny).

musical balloon shakers

Musical Shaker Balloons

  • Materials: balloons, funnel, shaker materials
  • Using the funnel pour in some shaker objects in a deflated balloon. 

musical balloon shakers

musical balloon shakers

  • Blow up the balloon.
  • Let the shaking begin!  

musical balloon shakers

Just a note that my son occasionally puts the balloon into his mouth and a few slowly deflated.  Make sure you are attentive so the teeny tiny shaker pieces don’t get put into any little one’s mouth!

Ideas for shaker objects:

  • lima beans
  • cheerios
  • lentils
  • beads
  • washers

Shake it baby shake it!

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1 comment to Musical Balloon Shakers

  • Fun idea! Considering how curious my baby is at this point, I think I’ll stick with filling plastic bottles for now. When she’s a little older I’d love to try this! I’ll bet that Rice Krispies makes for an interesting sound.

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