Must Have “Non-Toys” for Baby

So we have ALL been there right?  Your baby gets a nice new shiny *expensive* toy, and yep, they play with the box.  Happens more often than not I am guessing!

We just celebrated my son’s 1st birthday, and he was quite enamored with the birthday cards.  He would flip them over and over “reading” them.  Never mind the stack of new toys 3 feet away (he also enjoys playing with his collection of cards on any normal day!).   We have also noticed that often times he is more interested in the simple toys we have rather than the more complex ones with all the buttons and gadgets.  His pair of musical sticks have been a hit since 5 months and they are still our go-to toy.

In honor of all the babies that play with the box I put together a list of the best non-toys (that are usually already in your home!).  *Just remember that many of these objects require supervision.

homemade toys for babies

Best Non-Toy Toys for Babies

  1. Tissue paper.  This has been a favorite lately, as he loves to rip it into shreds.  I justify all the teeny tiny shreds on the bathroom floor to my husband by saying that it is making his hands and fingers strong.
  2. Pots and pans.  Leave that cupboard open and the pan lids are flung every which way on the kitchen floor.
  3. Balloons.  Add a few cheerios in them and it is a sensory explosion!
  4. Laundry.  Baby boy loves grabbing the clothes and shaking them, flinging them, and NOT folding them.
  5. Laundry basket.  *See #4!  He also gets a kick out of balls placed in the basket that he can roll around by moving the basket.
  6. Ribbon.  Much like his Easter grass…he enjoyed pulling the ends with both hands to hear the snapping noise it makes when he was younger.
  7. Cereal boxes.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but I bet he would love when some of his favorite treasures were hidden down in the box for him to grab out…
  8. Cell phones.  Seriously, this HAS to be on the list!  He’s a bit obsessed.
  9. Remote controls.  I know that seems silly but around 7 months or so it was his favorite toy.  We had an extra one that we took the batteries out of and he would sit for quite some time pushing the buttons.
  10. Water bottles.  He loves them so much I made him he very own sensory bottles.

What are your best non-toy toys?

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