My “Yes!” Moments

I am trying really hard at this parenting thing. Really hard.

Toddlers are their own breed of humans. I have heard them referred to as mini cave men before – and yep that’s about right! They have feelings (often very strong), emotions, needs, wants, all wrapped up into a brain that doesn’t quite understand how to explain what they want.

That can create quite the frustrated toddler AND Mommy!

I read and google a lot about parenting. A lot! I was inspired by Play at Home Mom’s and their YES album. While they get a lot of controversy from the peanut gallery, I get it. They are allowing their children to take a lead in activities by following their interests and creating moments where it’s OK to say YES. Some of course maybe I wouldn’t say yes to, but it’s just the idea of it that is inspiring.

Of course, saying yes might take some rearranging, or accommodating, but it’s so worth it!

SO…here are a few moments lately that I have said YES!

Saying yes to a toddler

  1. Jumping on the couch. We allow P-buddy to jump on one of our couches, and only when the cushions are off. Lately it hasn’t been an issue with him wanting to jump on couches at other’s houses or at businesses, so it’s all good!
  2. Walking in the rain. His favorite activity lately (now that winter seems to be over) is to WALK! After a car ride, before a car ride, after lunch, before dinner, or if he sees someone else walking outside! He wanted to go out in the drizzle, so we bundled up and headed out!
  3. Splashing in mud puddles. Oh my! We went to a farm recently with my playgroup after a rainy night and the puddles and the mud were bountiful! He could not get enough of stomping through them, splashing with his hands, and getting all wet. Of course I did not have a change of clothes so he went home in a friends pair of pink pants!
  4. Pouring water. We are slowly getting the hang of drinking from a regular cup, but it usually follows by dumping the water on the floor because it’s oh so fun and splashy. So to keep that interest going, I just create a space that he CAN do that – the sink! We use our dollar store toys and have at it!
  5. Biting. I know that sounds weird. BUT he seems to be getting some 2 year molars and has been putting lots of things in his mouth including our clothes and a bit of skin when he gets excited. So instead of saying he can’t bite, I give him something that he CAN bite. It is usually an infant feeder with ice in it, a teething ring, or a strawberry teether. He then gets the idea that it’s OK to bite, but only on those certain toys.

What have you said yes to lately??

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