New Year, New Name!

Yes, I know I’m like a month late with the “Happy New Year” jazz, but eh, oh well!  From the very beginning of Spoon Fed Baby I have been referring to my son as “baby boy”.  Well, because when I started he was just a wee little 5 month old.

Now, he is a running, laughing, squealing 18 month old, who has left his baby boy nickname behind.

I was going to leave his new nickname up to my readers, and have everyone vote on what his new 2013 name would be, but frankly, I couldn’t come up with many names!!  haha

So, I have decided to do the naming honors myself!  If you know baby boy, then you know that he has a BIG personality.  He doesn’t go very many places with out laughing, roaring like a lion and bouncing on anything possible.

Putting all that personality into one name is difficult, but using one of my current nicknames for him, I have decided to call baby boy: P-buddy.

When he goes up to you and giggles or backs up into your lap you know that he is everyone’s buddy. And boy do I love that little buddy (smile).

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