Feeding babies oatmeal

      Where has the time gone too?  Baby boy is now 6 months old, and is showing us his personality more and more each day.  We had to take some time off from introducing new foods because we thought he was having an allergic reaction to something…turns out it was just a runny nose and face rash from the un-ending drool!  We are back on track now and starting fresh. 

Catch up on what food we have been feeding him:

  We also had a minor set back of…how should I say this…ahem….system blockage!  Yeah, he was constipated! After talking to the doctor he suggested adding in some oatmeal to his diet.  The peas also seem to help get things moving (to put it nicely).  But watch out!  They work REALLY WELL! 

So on to oatmeal!

  We mixed the oatmeal the same as we prepared the rice cereal.  It seems like baby boy likes it a bit thicker rather than soupy.  To make the oatmeal we mixed 3 tbs with 3 tbs breast milk and microwaved it for only about 5 seconds.  Make sure to mix it well and blow on it so there are no hot spots. 

  I didn’t want to switch him over to oatmeal completely for fear that he would poop TOO much!  We just replaced the rice cereal for breakfast with oatmeal, so our day looks like this:

   The combination of adding in peas and oatmeal has “kept things running smoothly”  haha.  Next on the menu will be sweet potatoes!

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