Organizing Old Baby Clothes

Raise your hand if you LOVE organization???  Oh, wow everyone???  Ok then!

I was a teacher in a former life (as in one year ago!) and I loved me some organization!  I had labels here, folders there, totes here, and baskets there.  Some may say that my efforts were a bit anal, but I call them genius!

So now that I am home with baby boy my husband gets to reap the benefits (maybe?) of my ultra organizing hobby (case in point: baby boy’s cards & starting solids).  Right before baby boy turned 1  year old I decided it was time to unload all the clothes in his dresser and pack away the clothes that he wasn’t wearing anymore.

organizing old baby clothes

Believe me, there were a few (or many – whateva) tears shed.  I had all of his newborn to 3 month clothes in a storage container under our bed, and 3-12 months were all crammed into his six drawer dresser.  This included burp clothes, hats, bibs, swaddles, and the unending amount of socks.  The tote under the bed was already FULL, so I was dreading the thought of the amount of space that these clothes were going to take up in our basement.  We are not in the mode of getting rid of any of them either…baby #2 will come sometime….

BUT I had a stroke of genius, and invested in those Space Bags that you can shrink down to nothing by sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner.  *NOTE – I did not get free stuff in the mail, or was not paid to write this post – I just love these bags that much!!

We just added a bunch of storage/cabinet space into our downstairs bathroom, so I had the perfect spot to store all the bags!   Sizes newborn all the way to 9 months fit in this one cupboard, and that includes: bibs, shoes, socks, burp rags, receiving blankets, and 4 snowsuits!

I’m in love.

storing baby clothes

There were mounds and mounds!

vacuum sealed bags for baby clothes

BEFORE the air was sucked out.

storing old baby clothes

AFTER the air was sucked out. Amazing!

organizing baby clothes

I even added labels so I could tell what sizes were in what bags!

storing old baby clothes

One and a half shelves! Did I mention there are 4 snowsuits in there???

Go buy a few and see the awesomeness that they are!

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