Our Version of Snow Play

I’ve been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this moment.

The first time that baby boy gets to play in the snow.  Wow, when I typed that it didn’t have the effect and awe that it did when I say it in my head.  Oh well!  The long summer days are a faint memory now, so we might as well take advantage of what  we are given: SNOW!

So yes, baby boy was around last year during the winter but he was pint size and was just too little to take out frolicking in the snow.  We tried to stay OUT of the snow.  But this year, he is walking, talking and playing!  A perfect combination to head out in the snow for some worn-out-sweaty-giggling play time.

We finally had a day that was warm enough to play outside that wasn’t bone chilling cold, AND there was more than 1 inch of snow on the ground.  The perfect day. **Foreshadowing: I have learned my lesson before when I expect too much!**

The three of us got all suited up to head outside.  Baby boy was not the most patient of the bunch as it was hard to walk in the snow pants and new boots, but we promised he would have fun (yeah he’s 18 months…he didn’t get it). Our genius idea was to pull him behind us on the sled, which we thought he would LOVE from the get go.

Well….within 2 seconds we took a sharp turn and he went face first into the snow.  Of course a red, cold, wet, crying face emerged a second later.  Yep, there was no more sledding after that.

Ok, well let’s try to just sit in the snow (which we should have done in the first place). Yep, the sled scared baby boy too much and just sitting in that stupid white stuff was too much!

Onto plan C!  Walking around in the snow plowed driveway!  Success!  It wasn’t exactly what I envisioned when I thought of playing with my little guy in the snow, but hey he had fun and loved walking up and down, up and down, up and down the slanted driveway.  There was no snow to trip in, no sled to fall out of, and all the pavement for running around you could ask for!

playing in the snow

playing in the snow

In fact he loved it SO much that when it was time to come inside, he threw his first full out tantrum of laying on the floor and kicking!  What fun memories (smile).

When did you kids get into playing in the snow?

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