Welcome Home Baby: Did You Pack Your Bags??

Want to know the #1 topic that I have googled in my whole entire life?  Childbirth.  Yep.  I distinctly remember the week before I gave birth to my son I was worried about some symptoms I was having.  It was 4:00am and I am on the computer pouring over my search engine results.  Turns out, any fear you have you can usually find some website out there that confirms your fear.  Not good for a pregnant lady!

In honor of Mother’s Day (and all our late-night frantic googling) I am bring you a series called “Welcome Home Baby!”.  I have only had one little guy, but hey…there is always a little advice that any Mom can share…so here we go!

Welcome Home Baby! Blog Series

Here is a run down of the topics that I will cover this week:

  1. Series Index
  2. Packing for the Hospital
  3. My Epidural Birth (#1)
  4. My Epidural Birth (#2)
  5. Hospital Stay
  6. First Two Days Home

#1: Ten things to pack for the hospital

For Mom

  1. Stretchable pants.  Do not try and be the hero that fits into their pre preggo pants.  Just bring a comfy set of stretchable pants or shorts.  I also used a few nursing nightgowns to walk around in.
  2. Robe.  Kinda covers what you don’t want the whole world seeing.
  3. Hair ties.  Pulling your hair back is your friend for the next couple days (and months for that matter!)
  4. Concealer.  You know…probably not important but after giving birth a little make up made me feel like a new person.
  5. Slippers.  Easy on and easy off for shuffling around the room.
  6. Breathe Right Strips.  I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but during labor the epidural gave me a very stuffy nose.  Also the baby seems to stretch out inside you making it hard to get big deep breaths in to push.  The breathe right strip helped that a bit.
  7. Baby book.  Most hospitals will put your newborn’s footprints right in the baby book on the hand/food print page.  Awesome!
  8. Cell phone charger.  You never know how long you are going to be laying around waiting for something to happen, and need a little entertainment.
  9. Hygiene items.  I bought a bunch of travel size items (even extra of my makeup) and put it in the bag ready to go.  That way when it was time, I didn’t need to remember to get my shampoo, toothbrush, contact case etc….it was already packed!
  10. Pillow.  I loved having my own pillow there…makes things comfy!

For Baby

  1. Newborn clothes.  Makes sense right?  I packed about 3 outifits for a newborn and ran out, so maybe pack more than you think you need.  But now that I type this I am not sure why we were changing his clothes so much…
  2. 0-3 month clothes.  9 pound babies might not fit into those tiny new born clothes…come prepared!
  3. Special picture outfit.  If you have the hospital take pictures bring an outfit that you want the pictures in…not necessary though :)
  4. Blanket.  I brought a few receiving blankets to keep those tiny toes warm on the ride home.
  5. Socks.  Keep those new born feet warm!

Things NOT to Pack (don’t worry about these!)

  1. Granny panties.  I bought some underwear to wear after delivery but the mesh ones at the hospital are wonderful!
  2. Feminine Pads.  Most hospitals supply them, but make sure you have some for home.
  3. Diapers.  Use the hospital’s!
  4. Hat for baby.  Unless you have a special one (I did) they always give you one to use and take home.

What else would you add to the list??

Come back tomorrow when I will share the pros and cons of an Epidural and Non Medicated Labor. Hey, and want to check out my other blog series? Versus (hot topics) and Making Mommy!

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