Behind the Scene’s of Cloth Diapering

Behind the scenes of cloth diapers

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When considering whether to cloth diaper your child there

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Glowing Balloon Bath

Glowing balloon bath

Glow sticks, glow balls, glow balloons, oh my! I have been seeing light up bath time posts plastered all over Pinterest now. In cyber lingo – it’s “trending”! My glow light post was even featured on Growing a Jeweled Rose (the mecca for bath time activities)!

P-buddy has had his share of light up bath

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Serving Up Flat Bread

flat bread toppings

One of P-buddy’s favorite lunch choices is bread. Or as he calls it (quite forcefully): “BREEEEEEAAAA”. There usually is no mistaking what he wants for lunch. Instead of slapping a plain ol’ piece of bread on his plate I try to spice it up a bit with some flavors, and will often sneak in a

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Playing With Emotions

Emotion cards for toddlers

*Make sure you read ALL THE WAY to the end because there’s a freebie for you!!!

Back in the day (which means oh, like 7 years ago or so) when I was working on my masters degree in Early Childhood Ed. (fancy huh?), I wrote a research paper on empathy. While

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What’s For Lunch – Toddler Style!

Lunch foods for toddlers

Last week I was in a food slump. I felt like I was serving the same thing, for breakfast specifically, over and over and over (and over). SO I wrote a post about breakfast options for toddlers, and what do you know, I already had some rockin ideas to get me out of my samo

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“This One or That One?” – Giving Choices

Giving a toddler choices

If you have been with Spoon Fed Baby for some time now, you will know that I’m all about making things easy. Whether it be tips for using cloth diapers, favorite breakfast foods, or lessons from a toddler at the salon, I love making lists, organizing things, and simplifying.

I feel comfy writing about those

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“Roaring” Good Animal Magnets

Animal magnets for toddlers

One of the most common phrases from my, now 19 month old, is “Roar, neigh, baa!” (So popular it made my list of P-buddy ism’s)

Yes we are a bit obsessed with animal noises over in these parts. Not sure where or when it started but we are no strangers to roaring and baa-ing in

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What’s For Breakfast: Toddler Style!

Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Is anyone in that toddler food slump lately? I’ve been feeling it big time lately over here! “What’s for breakfast? Anyone? Anyone?”

Lately P-buddy and I have been out and about in the mornings: gym, playgroup (remember my awesome Moms group?), doctors, appointments…massages…spa days…sleeping in – oh wait I think I got off track. Basically

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Sink Sensory Play

Sink Sensory Play

I guested a while back at My Rural Mommy with this post…and well….I ran out of time to WRITE today so I’m cheating and using my guest post! Enjoy!

Sigh. We are right in the thick of the “let’s stay inside all day because it’s to darn cold outside” days. Last year it wasn’t too

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Wordless Wednesday: Moments in the Sun

vacation with a baby

My husband, son, and I just returned from a sunshine-y vacation in Florida. We loved every minute of the beaches, visiting family, splash pads, dinners out, and relaxing overlooking the water. We especially loved the humidity induced curls in P-buddy’s hair (smile).

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