During my pregnancy I ate pasta like it was going to be wiped off the face of the Earth.  Seriously, I loved it before I got preggo, but afterwards, it was like I was having an affair with it.  Yum.  When the time came to introduce some pasta to baby boy, I could not have been more excited!

Keep in mind that pasta is wheat so if there is a wheat allergy in your family be cautious with starting pasta.  Consult your doctor first!!

When looking around to see what pasta was best for baby boy, I happened upon a recipe for pastina from Wholesome Mom.  I had never heard of it before, but it is a small star shaped pasta noodle, that is perfect for making into baby food.  Because baby boy is just starting out on finger foods, and is still a HUGE fan of purees I wanted something that I could blend into a mushy cereal and be able to spoon feed him with.  Pastina is perfect!  *Note that I did have to go to a couple of grocery stores to find it.  So when I found it I stocked up!

Pastina Baby Food

  • Buy the pasta. I was able to find Pastina at Kroger after looking around a few places.  Just because I knew I wouldn’t make it back soon, I bought a few packages.pastina for baby food
  • Boil.  Following the directions on the package boil the pastina, and drain it.draining pastina
  • Puree a single serving.  I used my Magic Bullet to puree the pastina.  It is much smaller than my Beaba Babycook, so I usually puree just a single serving for a meal that day.  I will thaw a few cubes of vegetable (sweet potato for example) and add a bit of breast milk or water as well.  I can then puree it all together to make a meal.mixing baby food in the magic bullet
  • Freeze the remaining.  To freeze the rest of the pastina (not pureed) scoop enough for a single meal into a small zip lock baggie.  I then put all the small baggies in one larger one and label it.  When I am ready to use the pasta again for a meal, that morning I will take one baggie out and thaw it in the fridge.  I then repeat step #3.freezing pastina

I have found pastina is yummy with many things.  Baby boy seems to like it especially mixed with sweet potatoes or squash.  When we introduce cheese and tomatoes, pastina will go well with those also.  The possibilities are endless!

For the time being I have been rotating rice, barley, and pastina mixed with veggies for baby boy’s dinner.  Throw in a few spices, and you have a tasty meal!


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3 comments to Pasta

  • I’ve always loved those little star shaped pastas! I do like how you have prepared the baby food ahead and frozen it – homemade baby food is the best!

  • I’m a new mom to be and have a few questions for all you moms.

    1) How long after the baby was delivered was the epidural removed?
    2) How long after your baby was born did you breastfeed?
    3) When after delivery did you take a shower?
    4) How long after baby was born did you have visitors to see you and the baby at the hospital?
    5) How long after having your baby (vaginally) did you feel good again physically? As in not in any pain?

    Thanks for your answers!

    • spoonmomma

      Hi! Great questions :)
      1. Epidural was removed about 30 minutes after the baby was born…was great to get it out!
      2. I tried breastfeeding a couple hours after giving birth but he wasn’t interested. I think we got him to latch on about 5 hours after birth.
      3. I took a shower the next day after he was born…you don’t feel like doing it any sooner than that!
      4. Our family came in the room about an hour after he was born. Gave us time to do skin to skin contact for a bit.
      5. It took me about 6-8 weeks to start to feel really good and not need to take pain killers.

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