Can I just take a moment to say that I love making my little guy baby food?  There is something rewarding about knowing that I made what is going into his mouth!  It’s not for everyone…no biggie!  I just really enjoy it.  Oh, and hey, I blogged about the pros and cons of making baby food if you interested (smile).  Lately he has been scarfing his food down, so I have been a bit busier in the kitchen getting my cook on.  Last time I introduced pears and they have been a hit.  And of course we’re still going strong in the sweet potato and carrot area.  Ok, next up!  Peaches and Nectarines!

Peaches/Nectarine Homemade Baby Food

  1. Buy the peaches.  Peaches ARE on the dirty dozen list, so buy organic if you choose to.  I decided not to because I am washing them and peeling them.  I looked for peaches that were not yet soft to the touch and were free from bumps and bruises.  Much like looking for pears and apples.making homemade baby food peaches
  2. Wash, peel, pit, and dice the peaches.  Give ’em a good scrub and peel them.  I use a potato peeler (is that weird?).  I then just cut away most of the peach from the pit and diced the chunks up.
  3. Steam the peaches.  There are lots of other ways to cook peaches, but I decided to use my Beaba Babycook to steam them because I have had success with it so far!
  4. Puree the peaches.  After the peaches are nice and soft throw them in the blender and go to town!  I reserved the liquid from steaming the peaches to add to the puree, but I didn’t have to add any in because the peaches were so soft already.  They pureed up very nicely.
  5. Scoop into freezer trays.  Plop some peaches in each ice cube tray and freeze for 24 hours.  After they are frozen through, pop them into a freezer bag with the date written on it.  Read my baby food safety tips for advice on how long to keep frozen baby food.

Baby boy was a bit unsure of the peaches at first (especially after finishing a bowl of veggies), but he really likes them!  We usually serve him a fruit for lunch every day, alternating between pears and peaches.  Yum Yum!

Next up: Green Beans (actually my second try at them…)

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