Someone has taken my baby and replaced him with an almost 8 month old…WHAT?  Seriously, this boy is growing way to fast for my liking.  The past couple weeks he has been HUNGRY.  Usually when the bowl is empty we say “All Done!” and clean up and no big deal.  He goes to playing with his toys on his high chair.  Now it goes something like this:

Mom or Dad: “All Done!”

Baby Boy: “SCREAM!”

  So needless to say he is going through quite the growth spurt!  Check  out my feeding schedule for what a normal feeding at this time looks like.  We have started doing the trial periods of fruits now, so that we can get his “output”, if you know what I mean, I little more regular.  Last time I updated you we had made apples (which by the way is yummy with oatmeal and a little cinnamon for breakfast).  Now we are on to pears!  Pears are not on the dirty dozen list, so I chose not to buy organic.  Let’s get to it!

Homemade Pear Baby Food

  1. Buy the Pears.  I bought Bartlett pears that were fairly green and unbruised from my grocery store. I set them out on the counter to ripen.  After about 4 days they were more yellow looking and gave slightly when I pushed with my thumb…they were ready!pears for baby food
  2. Wash, Peel, & Dice.  Even though I was peeling them, I chose to wash them pretty good first (remember my baby food making safety tips?).  I then cut them away from the core and diced them into cubes.
  3. Steam the Pears.  Pop them in your steamer of choice.  I use the Beaba Babycook for steaming and pureeing (fav gadget!)
  4. Puree them.  Just like the apples, pears cook down very soft, so I did not add all the steaming liquid back in.  I dumped it in a bowl, and then added a bit of it back into the pears until my puree was a thin enough consistency.  (Now that baby boy is almost 8 months I have not been thinning my purees as much to give him practice “chewing”).
  5. Freeze them.  Spoon the puree into a freezer storage tray, and feeze for 24 hours.  Pop them out after they are well frozen and put in a zip lock bag labeled with the date.  I also put the name of the food on the bag because they all start looking the same after a while.

Done!  When I get out cubes to eat I usually defrost two cubes for about 2 minutes, but I have found that the pears need less time because they are so soft and juicy.  Oh, and baby boy loved them!  I usually give him apples for breakfast and pears for lunch….oh and because I know everyone wants to know…it helps with digestion! (smile)

Next up: Peaches!

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