Peas Try #1 – Ehhh


   Only one more week until my little guy is 6 months old…crazy stuff.  The first few months went by really slllloooowwwllllyyyy, but now we have hit warp speed.  I am trying, trying, trying, to savor every moment while he is still itty bitty. 

   Ok, sappy time complete…on to business.  We have been truckin’ along eating rice cereal 2x per day and squash 1x per day.  I gave it a good amount of time to see if he had any reactions to the squash and we are all good…except for a little “back up” in the system (if you know what I mean), but that will be for another post!   On to the next veggie: peas!  For some reason I wanted to try a green vegetable with him next as opposed to going with sweet potatoes. 

  I won’t get into the recipe part of it in this post, because it didn’t turn out all that great.  I had a hard time pureeing the peas thin enough to get rid of all the skin chunks.  I added all of the water that was left over from steaming them back into the peas AND a good couple ounces of breast milk.  The mixture got to be basically dripping, liquid peas (appetizing, I know) with skin chunks in them.  Didn’t really have the thin puree consistency I was looking for.  Down the drain. 

   I think next time I am going to try to dunk the cooked peas in cold water, as I have read in a couple places that that helps with a smoother texture.  I also am going to try to get a mesh strainer that I can push the puree through and weed out all the skin chunks. 

   If baby boy was older I probably wouldn’t worry about this as much, but knowing that I am responsible for everything that goes down that little throat…well…that makes me a nervous wreck!  Check in later to see how Peas Try #2 goes!

Update!  Read about Try #2 here.

Picture by Haprog_’s

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4 comments to Peas Try #1 – Ehhh

  • molly

    Kudos to you for making your son’s food….I think it is so rewarding when your little one is taking big bites and enjoying what you made. I had the same issues with peas and didn’t find the mesh strainer to work well either. I recommend the oxo food mill to help with consistency. It’s a great tool!

  • Jen

    I haven’t started solids with my August baby yet, but when my older daughter was starting, I also made all her food. I didn’t do peas very often, because of the same annoying aspect of dealing with the shells. You can actually pop off the shell with your fingertips prior to pureeing them, and that’s how i had the best luck. Have fun!
    thanks for dropping by my blog and giving your insight, btw!

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