Peas Try #2 – Almost There


    My first attempt at peas didn’t go too well.  Read about it here.  But I am not going to give up!  I shall not be defeated by the peas!  Woah, ok, I’m getting into it too much aren’t I?  So try # 2 here we go.

   The issue last time was that I could not get the peas pureed enough so that the skins were completely ground up.  Remember…I am a newbie at this and I worry about choking hazards up the whaa zoo.  As you can see from the picture the end result was too runny to be called a “puree”.  I got some great suggestions from readers, so I thought I would give them a try. 

  1. I steamed the peas until they were completely cooked
  2. I ran them under cold water for easier handling
  3. I popped the peas out of the shell with my fingers

Did you catch that last one?  Yes I popped each pea out of the shell with  my fingers.  Time consuming yes?  :)  But it was worth a try!  Then…

  1. I put the peas (minus skins) in the processor to puree
  2. I added some breast milk to the peas
  3. It worked!  The puree was much thinner and did not have the small chunks from the skins like before.

   But I title this post “Almost There” because even though it worked, it was very time consuming and I only got two servings of peas out of the process.  So I am going to forge ahead and try another idea for getting the peas even finer with less work.  Click here to see how Try #3 turned out!

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