Peas Try # 3 – Got it!

    Whew…busy weekend!  But, now I am back to business…and back to Peas!  I tried twice before to make peas.  The first time there were too many skins in the puree, the second time I got the skins (or is it shells?  whichever…) out but it took forever and a day to do so.  So on to try #3. 

  1. I used frozen peas and defrosted them by running under cold water
  2. I steamed them in my Babycook
  3. I put the peas in the processor to puree and added in all the leftover liquid from steaming them
  4. Then…to get the skins out I took the puree out of the processor and put it bit by bit in a spaghetti strainer
  5. Using a rubber spatula I pushed the puree around so that the smooth part would fall into a bowl under the strainer and the skins would stay in the strainer
  6. To make the puree even smoother I put it back in the processor and added a bit of breast milk until it reached a good consistency
  7. Last I spooned them into my ice cube tray and stuck them in the freezer

  I know it sounds like it takes a long time, but it wasn’t really that bad.  I think once I get into the groove of things they will happen faster also.  A friend of mine told me “Yay!  You have achieved whirled peas!”  Haha, get peace?  I thought it was clever and witty. 

   So to catch you up, baby boy gets about 2 oz of rice cereal each day and about 1 oz of a veggie (either squash or peas).  I hope to try a new veggie in the next few days after making sure he is not allergic to “whirled peas”.  I am going to use that phrase more often I think….

Up next: Sweet potatoes and oatmeal!

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