Planning a Vacation With a Baby

Summer is here!  The season of vacations.  Our first summer vacation is a driving trip to Cincinnati and Chicago with some friends.

Before Baby =  Easy Peasy

After Baby = Fun with a Titch of Stress (yes titch is a word)

We are very excited to go on this vacation and especially for my husband to have a week off work, and all be together!  Amazing how we get along so well (smile).  BUT you all know the drill…vacation with kids means A LOT of planning and packing WAY more than we need!

traveling with a baby

Things to think about when taking a baby on a vacation:

  1. Sleeping arrangements.  Will we all be in the same room?  It would be lovely to have separate rooms then we don’t have to be silent and still after 8:30pm.
  2. Which stroller.  This is a toughy!  Do we want the big one that gets in the way but has an awesome sun shade?  Or do we want the smaller easier to handle one but with less storage and a small sun shade?
  3. Napping and driving.  We switched to a convertible car seat and baby boy doesn’t seem to sleep in it as well as he did in his infant one.  So it’s a toss up…leaving at his nap time used to be great because he would fall asleep…now it can quickly turn into a crying fest.
  4. Food.  I make my son’s baby food (hence…umm…the blog!), but taking it on the road can be difficult unless it is a weekend vacation.  I am going to go ahead and buy his food for the trip, which is tricky because I don’t know how many jars to buy!
  5. Weather.  Warm days, cool nights means lots of extra baby clothes.  Good thing they are teeny!
  6. Toys.  Which toys should I bring?  His favorite ones he sees all the time, or his not so favorite ones that may be new and more interesting?
  7. Time spent after 8:00pm.  I just realized that we won’t really be able to go anywhere after 8:00pm….hmmm.
  8. Sleeping in.  Doesn’t happen anymore…not even on vacation.
  9. Us!  I always forget about planning for my husband and I.  I hope we remember underwear!
  10. Great memories.  Even though it is a bit more stressful, not as relaxing and possibly hectic…it is still so fun to spend time together as a family experiencing new things with our son.  Wouldn’t change it one bit!

What is your best tip for taking a baby on vacation?

Check back soon when I will have a blog series on traveling with a baby! Lots of tips for flying!

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4 comments to Planning a Vacation With a Baby

  • I wish I had tips! We’re moving this summer and contemplating all three of us driving across the country to our new home (Oregon to Michigan). Not so sure how that’ll work with a not-quite-two-year-old who’s beginning his potty training. :-O Maybe we’ll just fly. :)

  • This list is all so true! And yes, was “easy peasy” BK. My #1 tip, which I always fail to follow is to start packing EARLY–as in, a week before–I never do this then always am so mad at myself!

  • I have tips, and I’ll try not to be a Debbie Downer!

    I agree with Meredith, and EARLY prep is key. I like to do the Ziploc bag trick — pack an outfit — top, bottom, t shirt, diaper, socks, etc in one bag, Each day, just pull out a bag. Easy dressing, and you’ll have something to store wet/poopy clothes.

    Is your baby a good car rider? My twin boys were not a fan of riding rear facing — and they let us know …. all the way from KY to Florida. Oh, my! I suggest traveling at night if this might be an issue for you.

    We always take plenty of snacks — to prevent the impulse buys when we stop for gas — expensive, plus NOT healthy at all.

    Be sure to take some baby proofing supplies with you — outlet covers, etc.

    It’s a lot more work to take children on vacation, but it’s something that I’d never forego — you’re building memories with your family.

    • spoonmomma

      Wonderful tips! He is not a good car seat rider as of late…we find it works best if one of us sits in the back with him. He is still rear facing because he is under a year, so not much we can do about it! Luckily the driving is not too long. Good call on the baby proofing supplies!

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