Play Time Christmas Style


   A few days ago I was growing tired of my our “play’ routine.  Same ol’ thing you know?  So we got out some socks and threw them around…and…had fun!  Today I decided to get out some old Christmas lights.  Around Christmas time baby boy was very interested in light displays and would ooohh and ahhhh (in so many words) over them.  Enter…the after Christmas lights.

    Being a kid at heart I couldn’t just get out the lights and show them to him.  Nope.  I had to build a fort to go along with them.  **Shhhh…I can’t wait to build forts with him.  If that was ok to do as an adult, by myself, I would do it**  Anyways….We hung a blanket up over some chairs, dangled the string of lights under it, made the room dark, and voila: a light/fort spectacle. 

   He’s 5 months old (yikes, I have to start saying 5.5 months!!), so his reaction wasn’t of complete wonderment and excitment, but he enjoyed it in his own way.  loved laying under them and looking up though!  We also got the lights down and put them on our feet, above our head, in our hands (not our mouths!), and other creative places. 

   That’s 20 minutes of productive play time in my book!

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